Chevrolet LSX Intake Torque Order
Sunbeam Tiger Electric Fan Installation
DIY Foot Switch Control
Ford Expedition Side Mirror Replacement
Garage Paper Towel Dispenser
DIY Pinion Wrench
DIY LED Shop Light Project
DIY Gear Marking Paste
DIY Nitrogen Tire Filler
Jerico WC4 Transmission

Site Updates

08/24/2017 - New Chevy LSX Intake Torque Sequence
08/12/2017 - New Sunbeam Tiger Electric Fan Upgrade
08/08/2017 - New DIY Foot Switch Control
08/01/2017 - New Expedition Side Mirror Replacement
05/21/2017 - New Garage Paper Towel Dispenser
05/19/2017 - New DIY  Pinion Wrench
05/04/2017 - New DIY Wireless Workshop Light Project
03/04/2017 - New DIY Gear Marking Compound
12/27/2016 - New DIY Nitrogen Tire Filler
12/19/2013 - Update Fixed Text Formula Error  on Offset to Backspace
12/07/2016 - New  Jerico Shifter Fabrication
11/18/2016 - Updated Wireless Horn Project
09/15/2016 - New Ford Expedition Rear Brake Job
09/13/2016 - New Ford Motor Mount Modification
08/03/2016 - New Steering Wheel Hub Patterns
07/22/2016 - New Porsche Mirror Glass Replacement

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Expedition Rear Brake Replacement
Ford Motor Mount Modification
Momo Wireless Horn Button Project
Steering Wheel Hub Patterns, Nardi, Momo
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