Chevy LSX Intake Bolt Torque Sequence

LSX Intake Torque Sequence

Here is another simple and EZ Read diagram for the torque sequence on the Chevrolet LSX series of engine. This
includes things like LS1, LS2, LS6, L33 and so on. This is a great engine, and plenty of aftermarket accessories
like intakes, heads, blocks and so on. Their are a ton of different manifolds, some for trucks some for cars. Many
different port sizes and throttle body sizes. Poke around on the web (Like I did) and you will find many different
articles on all the different variants on the LS Series of intakes. So if you need an EZ to read Intake bolt tightening
sequence for the Chevrolet LSX engines, here ya' go. Anyone want to send me a nice Chevy LSX  engine I'm
happy to do something with it, like torque the intake on...

Chevy LSX Intake Bolt Torque Specifications

Pass 1 - 44 In/Lbs
Pass 2 - 89 In/Lbs

Make sure you follow the sequence in a couple of steps, these are typically plastic intakes on these engines unless
you have an aftermarket LSX Carb manifold, but should still apply unless the manifold comes with specific torque

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