Disneyland - Timmy Timing Cover

Timmy Timing Cover had just come off a long run on The Ripper. He was due for some R & R, and that's not Remove and Replace, but actually Rest and Relaxation. So on the fine February day he makes his first visit to Disneyland. Timmy is a fun guy but the Security guard at the entrance didn't think so and demanded an answer as to why I was bring a Timing Cover into Disneyland.

My quick thinking made up a plausible store on the spot...  "I'm meeting a friend at the Carnation Square to give it to him otherwise we both would have to find each other in the huge parking lot, just easier to carry it around and meet in the park". Lucky the guy knew what it was, he asked if it was for a SBF and I said it sure is!

His closing comments were just don't take it out of the backpack until you give it to your friend. I said "absolutely" and was on my way.

On the Disneyland Tram

Getting into the park we just jumped onto the tram and headed in. Since Timmy was the size of a small child it was suggested that he sits in the lap of an adult. He followed the rules as well and kept his hands and feet inside the tram at all times.
Disneyland Fried Chicken

Plaza Inn Restaurant - First Stop

Timmy is slinging grease all day long, and I was very surprised that he wanted to get some of the delicious fried chicken at the Plaza Inn restaurant. I'm always down for that. He got the 3 piece chicken plate with green beans, mashed potatoes and a ice cold coke.  He chowed it down pretty quickly and we were on our way.
Timmy Timing Cover at Disneyland
Timmy Timing Cover - Tomorrowland
Autopia Of Course

Autopia Still Sponsored by Chevron

As you might have guessed, this trip was a few years back, Captain EO, Autopia sponsored by Chevron... Yes, some of the good old times were still to be had with the old sponsors and shows. TTC (sometimes I call him that) has always been out in front of the engine, this was his change to get in front of the wheel.
Timmy at the Billy Hill & The Hillbillies Show

Billy Hill & The Hillbillies Show

This has been a fun show that you used to be able to catch if you were at the right place and the right time. It's almost always a sell out (even though it's free). We picked up some seats on the balcony and enjoyed the show. Little did we both know that it would be once of the last times we would catch Billy as some time afterwards the show was disbanded. I hear rumors that some of the players are at Knott's Berry Farm now and again.
The Enchanted Tiki Room

The Enchanted Tiki Room

This one really perplexed Timmy. He really enjoyed the outside show and then was really entertained by all the singing and comedy in the Enchanted Tiki Room, but his burning question was shouldn't it be called the Enchanted Tiki Hut? I'm going to have to agree with him as it's more of a HUT than a ROOM.
Timmy Timing Cover on Main Street

Walking on Main Street Disneyland

It's been dark for a while, been on many rides, so we decided to check out the Penny Arcade on Main Street. It was a lot of fun, we even got a fortune by Disneyland fortune teller Esmeralda. I told Timmy that what ever she said is for him and him alone.
Timmy Thirsty

Water Break

All this walking around made Timmy thirsty (maybe the salty Chicken had something to do with it). In any case we stopped for some refreshing (and free) water.
Timmy Timing Cover and Fireworks

Disneyland Fireworks

I can say that Timmy Timing Cover has seen his fair share of engine fireworks, but nothing like the big firework show that Disneyland puts on. All he kept saying was "breath taking..."

That was about if for our long day at Disneyland. Lot's of great shows from Captain EO to the Billy Hill show, and many rides in between.

Oh, I never did catch up with my friend at Carnation Square that I was going to give Timmy Timing Cover to.  ;)
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OMG Captain EO Tribute!

After some food we headed up into Tomorrowland. I always enjoy starting here on a few rides or picking up a Space Mountain Fast Pass(TM). Then me an Timmy saw it. Captain EO Tribute... No question this was going to be the first thing we hit, and now without out good reason.