Disneyland Christmas with Yuri the Yoke

It's a cold December 2011 and as such I figured my old friend from Eastern Europe would not have any issues with the cold day ahead. You will find Yuri story heart warming as he spends his day at the most magical place on earth (Can I say that without a trademark infringement?)

In any case see below for Yuri's day at The `Land

Disneyland at Christmas

Some how I got talked into going to Disneyland during the Christmas rush. This was a couple of weeks before it gets really crazy so I guess it was OK, but still a bit packed, and cold. Follow along for Yuri's day.
Yuri entering Disneyland

Entering Disneyland

Here is a nice shot of Yuri entering the park. We are just about to go though the main gate and here we see the Disneyland Rail Road at the top of the picture displaying the American Flag.
Yuri had a bit of delayed Car Sickness

First Stop... The Bathroom

I couldn't tell if Yuri was kidding at first, but he said he had a stomach ache, but what I really think is that he tanked up on Vodka before the car ride and he was holding for the drive out. No worries a quick pit stop and we were on our way.
Yuri Likes Greasy Chicken

Greasy Chicken Time!

I did realize that Yuri was messing with me when he said 'Car Sick' and made me run him to the bathroom. That didn't last long as we passed by the Plaza Inn restaurant he begged me for some fried chicken. I was up for it so we picked up a couple of plates and enjoy some of the most delicious (and greasy) fried chicken you could have. Good cold weather food.
Yuri's Safe Ride Home

Safe and Sleeping

Yuri had a nice day at Disneyland. He got to see a lot more then he expected, some rides were crowded and some were not. One ride he tried to make me go on was the Mad Hatter's Tea Cups, I said NO THANK YOU, he prodded me for a while but finally let me off the hook. Can you imagine...

Hope you all have enjoyed a day at Disneyland with Yuri the Yoke
Christmas and Yuri the Yoke at Disneyland
Yuri off to Space Mountain

Space Mountain

After some filling food, it's obvious that we should head out to a `High speed ride though inner space`. It was nothing short of amazing, almost no line! We move along very quickly and spun through the turnstile like nobody's business. Good fun, but I think we both were a little queasy even though we didn't admit it as you have to remember that Yuri is one  tough SOB!
Yuri in Tomorrowland

Yuri Kicking it in Tomorrowland

After Space Mountain we decided to take in the views at Tomorrowland. That nice gentlemen in the background seemed to be staring at us for some reason...
Yuri loves Snow Whites Castle

Snow White and her lovely castle

Yuri is from the `old country` he has been around (if you know what I mean). When he first saw the castle he fell in love. It was very strange, he clamped on hard to me and gave me a hug. I could tell he was very emotional. I think the castle took him back to his childhood.
Yuri photo bomb

Yuri's Photo Bomb

We were randomly walking around, and saw the BIG Christmas tree in the center of the square. As a prank he jumped up into to the mix of faux presents. Many folks that were taking pictures had no idea he was there!
Yuri photo bomb

Arrg the Pirates

Zigging and Zagging around the park we ended up on one of my all time favorite rides (that is until the politically correct factions messed it up), ok enough of my beginnings of a rant. We headed down the falls into the pirates lair. Lot's of fun with that Captain Jack messing with people. On a good note the Red headed wench looked like she might finally get a man. She had been inline for a long time, but looks like she may get her man.
Yuri at the Jungle Cruise

The Jungle Cruise Up Next!

I was a bit nervous about this ride and Yuri. While Yuri is a funny guy (he can get your head spinning), I don't know if he would get any of the subtle or sarcastic jokes. Well he didn't, but it made the ride even funnier since the boat captain made fun of him. At one point I though he was going to blow, then he lightened up at the end. He was also a bit nervous since he is not a good swimmer. He didn't know the water was only a couple of feet deep :)
Yuri and the Tiki Room

Stepping in to the Enchanted Tiki Room

This one is an easy one, sit back and enjoy the show as they say. Yuri was very excited once things got going. He did have some concerns that the shaft full of water was unstable and looked wobbly as it went up.
Tram Ride Home

The Tram Ride

Yuri always tries to follow the rules, but he had a hard time staying behind the yellow line. He was twisting and turning to see all the people getting on the tram. Our day was almost complete. On the way back to the parking lot he did manage to keep his Hands, arms and legs inside the tram.
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