Disneyland and Auto Part

This started a long long time ago (well 2011). Let it be known that I'm a huge fan of Disneyland. Not Disney, but Disneyland, and yes their is a difference. Below is some of my shenanigans smuggling various auto parts into the Anaheim theme park. Some were at Disneyland during the holidays, other times just random visits.

It all started on a whim that I could smuggle enough parts into Disneyland to build and fire up a Briggs and Stratton lawn mower engine. After some thoughts I gave up on that and decided to see what kind of auto parts (mostly racing) could I get though the security inspection gates.

At the time I had a young boy that was in a stroller... and although it was generally not my instrument of contraband it helped on occasion to get parts in. That being said I mostly carried all the parts myself, and proudly display at various park locations.

Sadly one of the most prized collection of photos was the Roller Cam (Cammy) from The Ripper was lost on a formatted SD Card. Those in the know would remember comments WTF this guy has a camshaft??

Now a days at Disneyland they have metal detectors to check for this type of contraband so it's much more difficult to bring things in. But don't worry my new strategy will be to hide things in plain sight!

These will be added time permitting as I have a lot of photos and smug comments...

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Peter Piston at Disneyland

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Wait for it, much more to add...

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Yuri the Yoke at Disneyland
Wendy the Wiper and Peetie the Plug
Timmy Timing Cover