Door Panel Removal

We just started removing the door panel. It's not too difficult, but a few hidden bolts need to be uncovered.
Porsche Boxster - Door Panel Removal 2
Porsche Boxster - Door Panel Removal 3
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Porsche Boxster - Door Panel Removal 3 Lamp Removal
Porsche Boxster - Door Panel Bulb Removal
Porsche Boxster - Latch Removal
Porsche Boxster - Latch Removal Broken Part
Porsche Boxster - Long Bolt Removal

Exposed Torx

After popping off the small cover you can remove the LONG Torx bolt.

Door lamp

Your door may or may not have this lamp in it. It didn't look like the replacement door had wiring for it, so may be optional, who knows, but in any case it needs to come out.

Pry that sucker out

Using some care remove the lamp by prying the back of it up. It should pop out fairly easily. Don't pull on the wire, it's really short.

Leave the light in the Door

Once the cover is off just leave the bulb assembly in the door.

Door Latch Trim Removal

This was about the only part that didn't seem to want to just come off clean. I'm sure you can find someone that knows or cares how to do it, but at some point I just starting lifting from the bottom and pulled it up. That's when I heard the cracking sound. Oh well, expected as much.

How It's Held In

Now you can see the problem the square hole part catches on the now missing piece to the right of my thumb. I was going to glue it back on with some PCV pipe glue but the part got lost on re-assembly. Good news is that it still fits OK without it.

Second Long Door Panel Bolt

This is another one of the longer bolts that holds the door panel on. It's a Torx, just remove it.
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Porsche Boxster - Door Airbag Removal

Next The Airbag Bolt

Don't get nervous here, their is a bolt hidded under the little plug that says AIRBAG. This needs to be removed to access one of the door panel bolts and is not one of the air bag bolts.