Door Panel Removal Continued

We just started removing the door panel. It's not too difficult, but a few hidden bolts need to be uncovered.
Porsche Boxster - Airbag Bolt Cover
Porsche Boxster - More Hidden Bolts
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Porsche Boxster - Door Pull Removal
Porsche Boxster - Pull Hooks
Porsche Boxster - Pocket Screw
Porsche Boxster - More Hidden Torx
Porsche Boxster - Pry off door panel

Pop the Airbag Bolt Cover

Using a small screwdriver (or similar) pop the small AIRBAG logoed bolt cover.

Another Hidden Bolt

This exposes another hidden bolt. This one is an Allen head. Why not Torx? Who knows...

Onto The Door Pull

This is held in by a couple of the Torx head bolts you have already removed. It's held onto the door panel in a couple of ways, by the obvious bolts, and hooks and slots in the door panel and finally in the very back at the rear of the door panel a pin that holds the tail end in place.

Closer View of the Hooks

The handle requires you to slide it forward (front of car) to have it release from the door panel.

Another Screw

In the pocket area you have one last screw. A phillips head. Remove that.

And one more hidden Torx

This is the last one that needs to be removed. This is hidden under the door pull. It's a small bolt, and can be easily removed with a Torx bit screwdriver.

Start The Prying...

Using a stout (thick) blade scraper shove it carefully under the door panel a few inches then begin to start prying the panel off the door. You may have to move it around to get it closer to the plastic fastener but you have to get a bit aggressive with it. If you are worried about scratching things get some BLUE tape and wrap up the 'Pry Bar'.
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Porsche Boxster - More Prying

Work Your Way Around the Panel

Starting from the forward lower part of the panel work your way back to the top rear. Once you get things loose you can start ot use your hands to help pop out the fasteners. You will have to use some force to pull them out. Do NOT lift the pane off yet, you have to disconnect a couple of things, one is the door latch cable pull and the other is a wiring connector.