Door Harness Removal

You have to do some simple tricks to get the harness connector out from the body so you can un-plug it.
Porsche Boxster - Mirror Harness
Porsche Boxster - Door Harness Removal
Porsche Boxster - Harness Removed

Home Made Tool

To get the door wiring harness connector detached you need to first remove this TORX had screw that holds it to the door jamb. I think this is normally done with the door off the hinges but that requires a way to hold the door. The way I went about it was to take a ratchiting box wrench and the correct TORX bit and remove it. It's a tight space and possibly a small socket would work but I didn't have a small enough one to fit and still be able to twist.

Closer View Door Harness

It's tight due to the closeness of the hinge. This worked fine once I figured out what type of screw was being used to hold the connector in.

Fuzzy Logic

Sorry for the fuzzy picture, I ended up not having anything better but the idea is once the screw is removed you can PULL OUT the harness from the car body. This will expose the car side of the connector. You MUST pult down on this slide that is at the bottom of the connector to relase the halves. The connector will not pry apart unless the slide lock is released. Again hard to make out but the slide is at the bottom and you can use a small flat blad screw driver to pull it down. Once that is done you can pull apart the connector. It may require some force but be careful pulling on the wires.
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View of the Mirror Harness

Before removing the mirror (you might have done it already) you need to remove the odd harness connector that is pressed into the door. I'm not really sure how to correctly remove this connect, but at every touch of the plastic keepers that lock the connector halves together some small piece of plastic broke off. This is a fragile connector to say the least. Note upon re-assembly you will not have a good feel that it's snapped in, so make sure it is and test the mirror prior to popping on the cover.
Porsche Boxster - Home Made Tools
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