Remove the Wiring Harness

I had to remove the wiring harness for various reasons. Below shows most of that.
Porsche Boxster - Door Latch coupler
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Close Up of Coupler

You can see where the treaded rod connects to this fancy coupler. The part sleeve on the top slides down to capture the threaded rod from the door handle. Very tricky, but nice to make it easy to remove!

Door Latch Removal

After the door handle mechanism is disconnected fromt he latch, pull out those XZN bits and pull the 2 bolts on the edge of the door off. That's about it.

Clear Some Space

In the RIGHT of the photo you can see a gold colored bracket that is partially removed. You need to take out a few bolts to release that bracket. It may have the harness tangled up with it, so remove anything that's in the way. You will drop this bracket down out of the way to get the latch out of the hole in the door. Also note you must pull the fastner that is holding the cable to the door.

Door Latches - Identical

After pulling the latches from both doors they are in fact identical EXCEPT for the attached cable. So I just used the original latch with the correct cable for the existing door panel.

Remove the Harnesses

After looking at the replacement door I noticed it did not have any of the plastic inserts for the speaker mounts as well as the correct harness. The speaker has 4 white plastic clips that the speaker screws into. Two are shown in this picture as well as the partially removed harness. At the top of the picture (inside the door) you can see a gold metal finger that needs to be bent down to pull the harness out of. It's thin sheet metal so just grab it and bend it until you can get the harness free. You will also have to remove many plastic clips holding the harness into the door with. The Leslie Plastic Fastener Remover is a help here.  The last one is the Mirror harness wires, a small plastic cover is held onto the door with a plastic button. Remove all this so the entire harness is free. Then carefully pull it out the openning in the door jamb.

Plastic Clips

These look like they were put on with some fabric friction tape that has long since had any stickum. A bit of electrical tape helps keep these put as you pull the harness.
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