Door Panel Assembly

We now can begin getting the door panel installed. Everything from the old door that needed to move has moved.
Porsche Boxster - Door Harness swapped
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Porsche Boxster - Door Airbag Reinstall
Porsche Boxster - Re-attach Latch Cable
Porsche Boxster - Door Latch Cable Closer
Porsche Boxster - Door Light Re-install
Porsche Boxster - Door Light

Finish Swapping the Harness

Once you have moved the old harness and latch to the new door you are on the home stretch. Make sure all the brackets are replaced and all the wiring clips snapped in as well as the needed Ty-Wraps that held in the harness in the door. Again, taking pictures at each step will help with the re-assembly or you will have to look at my bad photos of the process.


after the harness and latch are all back in place it's time for the re-assembly. The speaker and airbag need to be moved. Again if things match up you will not have anything to do, if not make sure you move over any needed fasteners PRIOR to replacing the watersheild on the door. Note locations of the harness's for the Airbag and the door latch as well as routing for the door latch cable and door light.  The goo on the door should still be in good shape to  re-stick the foam shield back on. Make sure you align by the holes for the door panel snaps. The foam may stretch when it's removed so just make sure the holes align up for snaps and screws.

Re-Attach the Latch Cable

Once everything is looking good, speaker re-connected, Airbag re-connected it's about time for the final check. Make sure the mirror works and make sure the door closes and outside latch works. And anything else I may forget to tell you to check, check it now. Once all done it's time to replace the door panel.  You need to replace the electrical connector to the door handle and finally the door cable pull. You need to snap the end in this (above photo) part and then snap the cable in to the door and then TY-Wrap the cable into the door as it was (I forgot to do that step, seems to be OK so far...). Once these two parts are connected you can carefully move the door panel on to the lip on the top of the door and start to pull it down into place. You will need to start to align the plastic snaps on the door panel to the holes in the door. If all looks good 'smash' in the panel with the palm of your and all around the edge. If it goes well you door panel will be flush against the door AND your door latch will work. It's a good time to try things again before putting in the screws and such.

Close Shot of Latch Cable

Here is another shot of how this version of the cable goes. NOTE : I forgot to put a Ty-wrap around the cable holding it to the door assembly. You can see a space for it just behind the metal tip on the cable.

Door Light

When you placed the door panel on the door hopefully you remembered to pull out the light bulb harness. If not, pull the door panel and start again. If you make it here slip the bulb assembly into the lens housing. Now put the back end in and force it back into the hole. Look at the other door if you can't remember which direction the lens goes.

Light Installed

Ok, this is the way that I put it and it seems like that the way it should go.
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