Tools Required - Page 1

You will need a mix of metric sockets and related tools, all the tools I used are shown on this and the next page
Rosewood Diesel Injector Sleeve Tool (or other similar)
Small sledge hammer (I had a lead hammer used for rim spinners on a race car) for pressing cups back in
Some swivels/joints/flex shafts drivers
Drill Extension
Wire Cup Brush for Drill to clean cylinder head
Grease for new injector O-Rings
Something safe to stand on
A Penny
And of course some patience

Below are pictures of most of the tools that I used. Start with these and add your own flavor!
Injector Cup Replace - Tool Cart
Powerstroke Injector Cup - Torque Wrench
GTSparkplugs Header
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The Tool Cart Clean and Loaded

I try to get all the tools that I need loaded up on the cart so I don't have to make 50 trips back into the garage. Note how clean and organized the cart starts off.

Small Torque Wrench

This is used for injector bolts as well as the glow plugs. You will need a smaller inch/lbs wrench for this task.

Sledge Hammer

This is what I used for tapping in the injector cups as well as the injectors themselves. This smaller but heavy hammer really worked well in the tight spots towards the rear of the engine. This was purchased to tighten knock off style wheel locks, and the head is made of soft lead.

Loctite 290 Green Threadlocker

This is what is supplied it the Rosewood Diesel Master Kit. I'm not sure I really like this as a sealer since it really just beaded up when put on the outside of the injector cup. This is what everyone seems to use, and I will use it as well. NEW NOTE : Jim at Rosewood Diesel has updated the kit to use LocTite 620 (I think that's the red stuff...)

Rosewood Diesel Installation Tools

These tools (or similar) are required to do the job without removing the cylinder heads from the truck. Even if you remove them you will need something similar to replace the cups. These just happen to be engineered to be used while the heads are still in the vehicle. The rest of the parts can be seen as well including the injector cups, O-Rings, Diesel RX Glow Plugs and the Loctite

Rosewood Diesel Cup Removal Tool

This is a closer view of the cup (sleeve) removal tool. It basically is a giant tap that you thread into the cup. Then you put the flange on the top and pull it out. It works very easy. This is a well made tool.

Rosewood Diesel Cup Installation Tool

Here is a closer shot of the injector cup (injector sleeve) installation tool. It's O-Ring holds the cup on the tool while you smash it into the hole. Again, solid and well made.
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