Tools Required - Page 2

You will need a mix of metric sockets and related tools, all the tools I used are shown on this and the next page
Rosewood Diesel Injector Sleeve Tool (or other similar)
Small sledge hammer (I had a lead hammer used for rim spinners on a race car) for pressing cups back in
Some swivels/joints/flex shafts drivers
Drill Extension
Wire Cup Brush for Drill to clean cylinder head
Grease for new injector O-Rings
Something safe to stand on
A Penny
And of course some patience
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Craftsman Pick
Ryobi Flash Lights
Craftsman Aero Ratchet

Some Needed Hand Tools

The curved tip pick helps big time with removing the O-Rings from the injectors. The Mirror is also helpful when trying to look down the injector holes in the rear of the engine. The flexi-drive was very helpful in putting on the rear valve cover bolts.

Angle Drill or Small Drill

To clean out the cylinder head after you remove the injector cups you need something like this. You can use a 'cup' wire brush on the end of the extension.

Box Wrenches - Ratcheting

These are used often when removing things with long bolts. These are handy on the turbo pipe clamps and a few other areas.

Small Pry Bar, Scotch-Brite and Pennies

Getting the injectors out of the old cups can be challenge, a small pry bar makes it easy due to the bent tip. Scotch-Brite is used to clean up the injector tips and you will find out where you need a penny...


This is a closer view of the pick. This worked very well in removing the injectors O-Rings without doing any damage to the O-Rings or the injector. This one was from Craftsman.

Shop Lights

I have a few of the Ryobi 4V Lithium Shop Lights (From Home Depot). These last a long time, have very bright LED light. The Upper one is magnetic mount and the light swivels. You will need something, these are what I used.

Ratchets and Related

You will need a few different lengths of extensions, as well as a few different ratchet sizes. I really like the Craftsman thin profile ones, they are really nice.
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Pliers and Blue Tape

Last Bits

Allen Wrench, pliars, and the necessary 3M BLUE tape. This tape has many purposes, including wrapping up your finger after you gash it open.