Injector Cup Removal

Now we are going to get into removing the injector and the cups. I did one side of the engine at a time. Read on for the steps to remove the injector, cup and related!
Powerstroke Oil Drain Head
Removed Powerstroke Injector
GTSparkplugs Header
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Powerstroke Injector Cup
Powerstroke Injector Cup Penny
Rosewood Injector Cup Remover
Rosewood Tool in action
pulling the injector cup

Head Oil Drain Plugs

In the top part of the head are 2 (dang, maybe 1...) Allen head plugs with an O-Ring that goes to the injectors oil feed. Pull these out as that can help keep some oil from draining into the cylinders when the injector is removed from the head.

Removing the Injector

Mine came out without much fuss. Your mileage may vary from what I hear. When removing the injector you only need to remove the LOWER bolt on the bracket and slide the bracket up so the head of the top bolt is free. The oil diverter (held with allen head) stays on as well as the top bolt that holds the bracket on. The injector bracket is loosen by removing the bottom bolt completely. The bracket should become loose, and you will need to slide it up to where the top bolt can be passed through it. When the bracket is in place, even with the lower bolt removed you can't lift it out. So get your hands in their and slide it toward the top of the cylinder head and then grab that small pry bar and slowly and easily pry under the bracket. Do it slow until you are sure the top bolt is clear of the bracket. Again a short small pry bar helps here. JUST BE CAREFUL!

Empty Hole

This is what it looks like without an injector. You can see the top bolt that is captured by the injectors bracket. Rocker do not need to come off.

Remember the Penny?

I told you that I would tell you what you need  the penny for... Just drop in in the old injector cup and make sure it sits flat. You may have some oil leaking into the injector hole at this time, not much you can do about it. If you have a lot leak in you will have to purge it from the cylinder prior to starting. I don' thave all the info on how much, but check around online for ways to do this. NEW NOTE : Jim from Rosewood Diesel recommends using a small piece of clean rag stuffed into the hole incase the cup cracks and the penny slips into the head. You might ask him why...

Injector Cup Removal Tool

This is the unused tool. Getting ready for it's

Threading into the Cup

With the locking nut loose thread the taping too into the cup. The instruction for your tool will tell you how far to go, but I can say you go until it starts to feel like it's binding up.

Pulling the Cup

Not that the tool is threaded into the cup it's time to tighten the outer locking bolt. This in effect will start to pull the cup up and out of the culinder. For threading and pulling use a larger ratchet wrench. As seen in the picture I used the Rosewood Diesel Shop Tool.
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Powerstroke Removed Injector Cup

Out Like Flint

It's out. The cup is just pressed in and now requires removal from the tool.