Installing the new Injector Cup

Out with the old and in with the new! We have the old cup out and need to press in the new one. It's simple where you have room. Get's tight in the back 2 cylinders. Go slow and take a break on those, they are a pain to reach and work on.
Removing Cup from Tool
Threads on Rosewood Diesel Tool
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Powerstroke Head Cleaning
Powerstroke Clean Head
Rosewood Diesel Cup Installer
Place new injector cup on tool
Hammering in Injector Cup

Removing the Cup from the Tool

The nice folks at Rosewood Diesel left a flat for a wrench to hold the tool, you then grab the TOP part of the cup (off of any threads) to hold as you unwind the tool out of the cup. Remember don't grab the cup where it's threaded in or you could damage the tool.

Success... In Removing the Old Cup!

The tool creates a lot of shavings, and the purpose of the penny is to keep these from dropping into the engine. You can see how much threading was done for the tool to capture the cup.

Get to Cleaning

I used a drill extension and a small cup style wire brush. This is needed to clean the inner surface of the cylinder head. One thing to be careful of is if any metal comes off of the tool it will be a problem. Since it's a steel brush it would be a good idea to run a magnet after wards just to be sure nothing is left in where it shouldn't be. Note that it will be difficult to get some of the rear cylinders clean with a normal hand drill, a Right Angle drill was helpful in the tighter spots.

After the Wire Brush and a Wipe Down

Looks very clean and no corosion in the walls of the cylinder head. This guy is ready for a new cup.

Injector Cup Installation Tool

To press the new Injector Cup back into the head you will need the second part of the Rosewood Diesel tool set. The Installer! This tool has an O-Ring on one end to help hold the cup in place as you hammer it down. NEW NOTE : Jim at Rosewood Diesel has an updated version of the tool with a longer tip that extends through the injector cup for easier installation into the head.

Placing the Cup on the Tool

This is the easiest part of the operation. Just slide it over the end of the tool. The tool top will stick through the opening at the smaller end of the cup. Now is a good time to wipe down the cup with Carb/Brake cleaner and coat with Green Loctite as supplied in your kit. Again, this is wicking Loctite and doesn't look like it will do much but make sure you coat both the bottom of the cup and the top where the cylinder head contacts it. Look at your old cup if you have any doubt where that is. NEW NOTE : Jim at Rosewood Diesel has changed the Locktite to 620 for his kit.

It's Hammer Time

Place the new cup and tool squarely into the head. Make sure it sitting square and not cocked. Then get that nice heavy hammer and wail it down until you hear a nice solid hit. The sound will change once it's bottomed out. I used a small but very heavy lead hammer.
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Seated Powerstroke Injector Cup

And Finally IN Like Flynn

The new cup is pressed into place. NOTE the excess of Loctite is all over the inside of the cup and cylinder head. Clean this out before it get dried up. A bit of Carb cleaner on a rag will take care of this and make sure not bits of anything are in that hole.