Injector and Glow Plug Rework

Time for some work on the Injectors and the Glow Plugs. I purchased a set of new Glow Plugs from Rosewood diesel just to swap them out while I have the top end apart. A good pick will help with removing the O-Rings on the injectors.
Powerstroke Injector O-Ring Kit
Remove Injector O-Ring with Pick
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Remove Powerstroke Injector Crush Washer
Reinstall Injector O-Rings
Installing New Crush Washer on Injector
Removing Powerstroke Glow Plugs
Custom Socket Modification

Injector O-Ring Kit

As part of the installation kit you get new injector O-Rings and the copper crush gasket for the bottom of the injector. It's easy to forget the copper washer so don't! It's a good idea to keep each package of parts together to make sure you have nothing left over. I got lucky and caught the copper seal in the package right before I was installing the injector.

The O-Ring Removal Pick

Close up of the tool. The O-Rings are easy 'pickings' with this tool. Take a picture of one close up to make sure you know how it all goes back together. Their is a steel ring that's in place and need to go back in the proper place so keep that in mind. Keeping it oil up helps slip them off.

Removing the Copper Crush Washer

These come off after a bit of cleaning of the carbon deposits on the nozzle. I used a razor knive to separate it and just slide it off.

Clean Injector with New O-Rings and Seals

This is the AFTER shot with the new O-Rings.

Installing the Crush Washer

It's a good time to install the Copper Crush Washer on the Tip of the fuel injector. The ones that cam with the kit fit snugly but I also tossed some grease to make sure it does not fall off during installation. You can now do the rest of the injector on the side of the engine and keep them orderd to each cylinder just in case anything matters.

Removing Glow Plugs

This could go easy or hard depending on the condition of your engine. You can get to most of the Glow Plugs without removing the Rocker Arm if you have exactly the right socket. My Glow Plugs came out easy without any fuss. These were the originals that were in the engine.

Socket Modification

I sacrafied a long socket to make a tool that will just catch the glow plug and clear the rocker arm. It's tight but it worked.
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Removed Glow Plug

And Finally Removed

The glow plug removed. After removing them they all check out with good continuity, and likely didn't need replacing. It seems on the Excursion that each plug is monitored with the glow plug controller vs. Just a relay as on some 7.3L PSD.