Riffraff Diesel Performance Injector Cup Installer Tool

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On this page we will take a look at the injector cup installation tool. Page one has the removal tool and overview.

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The Installer Tool

The Riffraff installer differs from most of the other tools on the market. Most of them have a mandrel and you hammer the cup into the head. With the Riffraff Diesel Performance tool you press it into the head. The tool is well made and has built a thrust bearing to make the job easy. The O-Ring holds the cup securely onto the tool while all of this is going on.
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Riffraff Diesel Performance Injector Cup Installer Tool
Thrust Bearing

Thrust Bearing

As mentioned this tool is well made, from the back side you can see the thrust bearing that makes installation smooth and not require just chewing up metal threads as it gets tight. Well made.

Riffraff Diesel Injector Cup Installer Tool

Simple to operate, put a new cup on the mandrel. The O-Ring holds it on tight (everything should have been prepped and sealer applied). Then back out the thread of the tool so you can drop it into the cylinder head with the tool sitting flat on the injector surface. Put the 2 hex head bolts in and tighten. Then begin to tighten up the the tool until it bottoms out, a good sinch down and you are done.
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Riffraff Diesel Performance Tool - Conclusion

The Riffraff tool is my second injector cup tool. I have used the Rosewood Diesel Shop Tool and had good results with it. I did have some difficulty in installing the injectors cups with the engine in the truck, otherwise a good too. Removal with the Rosewood tools was quick and easy, it didn't require locking down the tool with the 2 hex bolts. So from that perspective I liked the Rosewood removal tool a bit better as I didn't have to deal with the bolts as on the Riffraff removal tool The other thing to note is the Riffraff tool makes a lot less shavings then the Rosewood tool, but if you are careful and have a blob of grease on the threads of either it's not much of a worry.

For the installation tool I completely favored the Riffraff tool. I didn't have the luxury of having this tool when doing the install with the engine in the truck but it would have made the job much easier. It is very difficult to get a hammer on the Rosewood (and similar) installers on cylinders towards the rear of the engine, just not a lot of room in the engine bay. With the Riffraff installer it would not be an issue at all. Simply bolt the tool down and tighten up until it's in. Better confidence level too.

Overall I would say I would have no problem to spent the extra $100 on this tool for in vehicle installs. I don't think you could go wrong with either of these made in U.S.A. Tools but for install the Riffraff is the clear winner.