SAM - Simple Automotive Module
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SAM - C Source Code

The sample project I did was a bracketing RPM indicator. I had this old cool rev light that had Yellow, Green and Red indicators. The Yellow was on to indicate not at a Staging or under some RPM. Green was above that RPM and below Rev Limit, and Red may be an indication of a connecting rod coming out of the side of the block. This seemed like a good project for thie SAM board so using the CODEVISION AVR studio, a C development environment for the AVR series of processors I had at it.  The AT90S2313 was programmed with the AVR STK500 although I could have likely done it with the on board connector, but for some reason I never tried it that way.

Source Code with the Header and a few more docs are HERE
Remember the Schematic PDF is HERE if you want a clean or printable copy of the entire schematic.