Snap On MT2500 Scanner Disassembly

Snap On MT2500 LCD PCB

LCD Display PCB

The LCD display is held in with the 4 Phillips head screws on the edge of the PCB. Their are black 2 rubber spacers that are on the top and bottom of the board. Keep these all together. On the upper right you can see the backside of the Yes/No switch. Remove the LCD board. This exposes the plastic window, be careful not to scratch it. The plastic window is a thin film, it may come off so be careful.
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Snap On MT2500 Yes No Switch

Remove the Yes/No Switch

The Yes/No switch is a conductive rubber switch that makes contact on traces on the PCB. Unscrew the single Phillips head and pull the board off. If you have any dirt on it wipe the traces with a damp cloth. Once the board is off pull out the black rubber switch.
Snap On MT2500 Display Disconnect

Top Case Half

With all the electronics out of the case you can get ready to wash it without worry of ruining the electronics. You can see the plastic window that protects the LCD. Be careful not to scratch it and do not put any pressure on the back side of it or it will pop out. It looks to be held in with 4 melted corners so if it pops out try to get it back into place where it sort-a' snaps in.
Snap On MT2500 Bath

Washing the Case

With all the guts out you can clean away. My MT2500 had some really baked on grease stains. Used Simple Green and 409 to get most of it off. At some point I had to use a scotch bright pad. I would not recommend the scotch bright as it leave the plastic a with a light white looking texture from the excessive scrubbing. Stick with plastic safe soap. Also remedber NOT to put pressure on the plastic window film or it will just pop out. You can clean that as the last step prior to re-assembly. With any luck your case will look like new!
Snap On MT2500 Remove Thumb Wheel
Remove Thumb Wheel

The thumb wheel was loose in my MT2500 and it just lifted out. If it doesn't, use a pair of Needle Nose pliers to loosen the nut a little and it will slide up and out.
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