Snap On MT2500 Scanner Disassembly

Snap On MT2500 Cllean Ends

Clean as can be

After scrubbing with some more soap and hot water things finally came clean. While not new, they look much better and don't feel all sticky.
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Snap On MT2500 Clean Thumb Wheel

Clean the Thumb Wheel

You can take the thumb wheel off the encoder, but if your careful a bit of spray and a rag will get it clean. DO NOT get the electronics wet.
Snap On MT2500 Broken Wire

First Fatality

In messing with the Yes/No switch I broke a wire off. It's not a problem for me to fix but be careful in bending the wires as they are somewhat brittle. Also note that if you do damage the connector it's just an IC socket cut into pieces. If you break a pin off look for machined pin style of IC socket and cut it into apart. You might be able to find the just an inline socket/plug like it if you check Mouser or Digikey electronics. Also carefully use the needle nose pliers to straighten pins as they were likely bent when you pulled it out of the circuit board.
Snap On MT2500 Soldering

Soldering the Wire

If you break a wire get a small soldering iron out and heat up the connector and see if you can pull out the broken part of the wire. Heating it and banging it upside down might do it (watch out for hot solder). After soldered be careful. Originally their was a blob of hot glue or silicone on the contacts, if you have it but some on to cover the conections and help keep the wire from breaking due to motion.
Snap On MT2500 Dirt
Remove the Dirt!

With a few sprays of Simple Green soap you can see the years of grease come off. It took some scrubbing to get them clean.
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