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Now that you can get inside the door the next step is to remove the door lock's manual control (The thing that pops up and down on the top of the door).  Then start working your way to everything else you can reach from the inside of the door to ultimately remove the door handle.
Ford Power Door Lock Actuator
Manual Lock Pull Clip
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Inside Door Handle Nut
Release Rod Clip
Manual Lock Rod Placement
Door Handle Lock Clip

Manual Control Rod

This is an easy one, the manual control rod connects to the lock assembly with an easy to release clip. The picture on the LEFT is where it's clipped in, and the picture on the RIGHT is it flipped back away from the rod. Once you do this and twist the clip back away from the rod you should just be able to pull it out of the lock assembly. The clip will stay on the lock.

Remove Door Handle Nuts

The door handle is held on by two 11mm nuts. One is accessible from a plug in the door the other is somewhat obscured by the window rail. While you could loosen the nuts that hold the window rail on this is usually a mistake. Just get an open end wrench and undo the nut. If you have a ratchet open end in 11mm metric good time to get some use out of it. Once loosened you can twist if off with your fingers. The other nut is accessible with an 11mm socket and extension. Don't worry if you drop the nut you can get at it since the door panel is open, better yet don't drop it. Blue Tape is your friend here again. Both nuts that come off are the built in washer type.

Remove Door Handle Rod 1

The top rod coming off the door handle goes into the door latch. If you look at the picture on the LEFT right where the screwdriver tip is you see a green tab sticking out. This flips out to release the rod. This can be seen in picture too. These photos are looking into the door from the outside through the hole of the door handle. With this rod removed you can let the door handle flip out to work on the next odd clip.

Remove Door Handle Rod 2

With the first control rod out of the way you can flip the door lock assembly down. The RIGHT picture shows the back of the door handle. Your blue tape should prevent scratching your paint. This odd clip can easily be removed by pushing in a screwdriver into the clip as seen on the LEFT picture. While the screwdriver is pushing in move the rod out and it will release. Another cunning clip from the automotive industry. Once this rod is removed you can place the door handle aside.
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Manual Lock Pull Clip
Door Panel Screw - Under Plug
Release Rod Clip
Door Handle Lock Clip
Manual Lock Pull Slide
Door Cable Hold Down

Manual Control Rod and Cable Hold Downs

The rod passes through a slide and that needs to be removed. You can reach inside the door and with your fingers squeeze this and pull it out. You may need some needle nose pliers if stuck. Mine had been removed before so it just came out. Be careful with these parts as I'm sure you will be talking to a not so friendly ford parts man telling him you need this plastic thingie in the door. Next you need to remove the plastic fasteners that hold the door pull cable. These are installed from the inside of the door and on the picture to the RIGHT you wil see the back of the two clips. Just give them a squeeze and push them though. A needle nose or screwdriver can help. They will pop into the door, but don't worry they are attached to the door pull cable.

You should be able to wiggle out the rod from the top of the door, pulling it completely out. Just incase you forgot to look which side of the door pull cable this went around I'll tell you so when you have to re-assemble it you will know -

The manual control rod goes BEHIND the door pull cable on re-assembly like the BIG picture shows.
Manual Lock Rod Placement

Pulling Out Door Handle

After the two nuts are removed you can pull the door handle out a bit. You will need to remove 2 control rods. I did the one on the top first, then the one on the bottom (white clip). I don't know if it mattered but seemed like it would be easier to get the top rod out then have some play to deal with the odd clip on the bottom.