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Getting to the meat and potato now. We are going to swap out the bad lock actuator with the new on. Then being putting things back together. It's easy from here on out.
Ford Power Door Lock Actuator
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Old and New Actuators

Replacing the Old Actuator with New

The TOP picture shows the door latch and the control arm that the actuator fits into. After you pulled the old one off you understand how it slides onto the latch assembly. Just make sure that when you slide the new actuator onto the door latch assembly that the pin for the actuator slides into the hole of the white plastic arm (RIGHT LOWER PICTURE). Make sure the actuator is pushed all the way down onto the latch. You should not be able to remove it unless you release the latch as in a previous step.
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Slide on and Align
Exposed Latch Assembly

Looking Good

If you look at the bottom of the latch assembly you should see this, the white plastic arm has the pin from the actuator protrouding and the actuator is snapped all the way down on the latch. You should be feeling good by now! Next is RE-ASSEMBLY!!!
Actuator Removed
Release Lock Actuator

Remove Door Lock Actuator

The lock actuator is held onto the door latch by the plastic finger on the bottom of the actuator. This needs to be pressed in towards the body of the actuator to allow it to slide free from the latch. You can see the plastic finger on the bottom of the actuator in the RIGHT picture. To release it, get a thin screwdriver and wedge it in as shown on the LEFT picture. You have to push in a small piece of plastic that prevents the actuator from sliding off the door latch. After you wedge it in to release it you can start to try to pull the actuator off of the latch. You may need to carefully pry it from the back to get it loose.
Release Lock Actuator