Re-Assembly - Page 5

Time to start going in reverse! Re-Assemble the mess and make sure you get you clips, rods and screws back as they were!
Ford Power Door Lock Actuator
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Door Handle Rod - Lower

Reinstall Door Handle

The door handle still had one control rod hanging from it. That will go back into the door and connected after the handle is installed. The bottom arm should have the control rod connected as shown, it just snaps in, no fuss. You will to make sure it all fits and operates when you push in the door handle. It should not bind or be oddly twisted, it should not interfere with anything. When the Door handle is pushed in the bottom control rod should look like the left picture. Again, the top rod should be dangling at this point. Now put in the bottom nut to hold the door handle in.
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Secure Door Handle
Upper Control Rod Connected

Last Door Handle Control Rod

The threaded door handled control rod needs to be placed back into the green clip. It should align up to where it was into the threaded portion of the clip, then flip the green latch around it. It should snap and the rod should be solidly in place. I did this through the inside of the door. Once you get that rod in place you should close the door and see if the door latch operates properly. The threaded rod in the green plastic clip control the opening of the latch and thus the door. This is a good picture that shows both control arms off of the door handle incase you get into trouble.
Plug Back In Harness

Plug in Connectors and Install Door Latch

Push the door latch back into the door, and from the inside connect the actuator and latch connectors. They should snap when fully seated. Position the latch back into its original spot and put in the 3 T-27 Torx bolts. Don't toque them fully down, this will be done after everything checks out AND you add some Loctite. One thing to watch out for is the latch still has one of the connecting rods to the door. Make sure that it is sticking up and towards the opening on the outside of the door or you will have to remove the latch and try it again...
Re-Install Door Latch
Blue Tape to the Rescue
Top Door Nut

Reinstall Door Handle Nuts

Now get out that Blue tape or socket with a magnet (if your the fancy type) and cinch down the top nut on the door handle. Tighten this then go back and tighten up the nut inside of the door.
Replace Manual Control
Cable Routing

Reinstall Manual Lock Pull

Slide in the manual lock control rod. This goes in BEHIND the black cable. The picture on the RIGHT shows the routing. Push the end into the latch assemble and flip over the lock so the rod is in place. See this Page if you need help on how it goes back together. Snap in the cable clips (2 snaps from the inside of the door on the black cable) and the yellow slide. After this we are ready to test!!!