Powerstroke Power Alternator Tank Mount

Reservoir Brackets Closer View

The bracket that hold the tank to the alternator bracket is made of 1" x .125" mild steel bar. I used the alternator as a size guide and then made a jig out of a long piece of thread rod. My Miller Millermatic MIG did most of the work. Also remember you will need a second spacer for the opposite side of the alternator as this bracket sits between the alternator and the power steering bracket. This will keep the alternator square on the bracket. Also you will need a slightly longer bolt. The original bolt may work but given the cheep metal it threads into, I opted to go for a longer bolt. It's metric, and may be hard to find. I got it at McMaster Carr along with the high temp Adel clamps that hold the tank to the bracket.(not shown)
Powerstroke Alternator Tank Mount Completed
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