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Mustang Shifter Boot Cover

Fitting the Shifter Boot

Trying to figure out what to do for the boot, I decided to use the old Nomex shielded boot from the Joe's Racing boot.

Joe's Racing Shifter Boot

I used the existing Joe's racing boot and cut the snaps off and made it a bit smaller by cutting a section out of it and stitching it back up.
Joes racing shifter boot
Shifter boot installed on tunnel cover

Boot Installed

The windlace worked perfectly by placing the bottom of the boot inside the windlace and then fitting the windlace on the cover plate. I then trimmed the excess fabric on the bottom of the plate.
T101 Shifter installed

Shifter Installed

The transmission is installed and ready to go (mostly) New lightweight aluminum shift lever with a bit more backwards rake to make it closer to the driver.
T101A Shifter and Boot installed

Shifter and Boot Mock Up

The new shift plate with the shifter boot and shifter all dropped in place. Now just need some paint up top.

Transmission Tunnel Paint

To finish things off a quick sand and masking of the area to ready it for Trunk Speckle paint. The Shifter Cover also was painted in a similar fashion. The speckle paint hides the crude body work and blends it all in.
Mustang transmission tunnel paint
T101 in Mustang
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Underside view with the T101A Transmission

This is the view facing towards the back of the car. The Crossmember is not totally complete but was enough along to mock up the fitment. You can see how close the shifter rods are to the side of the transmission tunnel. Their is also a brace in the middle of the tunnel that had to be notched to allow one of the rods to fit. It was not pretty but necessary. The breather vent on the top of the transmission was swapped out with a low profile stainless version that fit under the support. The last work in fitting the transmission was the shifters Reverse lever hit the bottom back side of the crossmember. This was of course discovered after it was painted and installed. Not too big of a deal, a bit of torching and dimpling with a ball peen hammer sorted that out. I mentioned this elsewhere, but if you track your car this gearbox swap is one of the best things that I have done. Make sure you talk to the folks at GForce racing if you use one of these transmissions. They may require a special yoke due to the roller bearing in the tailshaft. And why does it have a hose clamp on end of the tailshaft... To keep the seal from falling out! This version of the T101A is magnesium and has a Teflon coating which is very nice to look at. Call GForce with questions, they are super helpful and have a lot of records for every transmission and can build one for near the same cost as an Ebay Special.
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