Fun Videos

Look Below for a few 'Fun' videos that I watch on YouTube. This will be a changing list of videos, so if you find something that you like let me know and I'll make it sticky!

Enjoy, and if you have suggestions, feel free to send them by clicking the spark plug on the upper right corner of the page.
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The Holley Four Barrel Story

This is a fun video from a series of Chrysler training films. They are as corny as informative. These look like they were actually a slide show with a record player where someone had to advance the slides when the beep happened. Old School Multi-Media. I love the voices too!

The direct YouTube link is

Disney's Magic Highway

This is the full version of the Magic Highway. I really love the ending portion with the Futuristic Disney representation. Sit back and enjoy the wonder and imagination of Walt Disney.

The direct YouTube link is

Carroll Shelby Goes Racing

This is an old classic. You often don't find the full video with the training section with Pete Brock, Ken Miles, and Dan Gurney. Enjoy, just fast forward the part with Shelby...

The direct YouTube link is