Sunbeam Tiger Alternator Upgrade

In 1967 Sunbeam upgraded the Generator on the Tiger to an actual Ford Alternator. The generator on earlier models is heavy, and produces low charging current as compared to a more modern alternator. For my Tiger all of that is going to go, so time for something small and light with reasonable power. The mini-powermaster (other will work as well) alternator fits the bill. Since the Sunbeam Tiger's engine compartment is packed full of engine anything that can help make the package smaller is good! This upgrade was done with the Edelbrock Victor water pump and Dale's Restoration aluminum pulleys. The overall idea will be similar for other pumps and pulleys so don't worry!
New Sunbeam Tiger Alternator Bracket
Sunbeam Tiger Alternator Bracket
Tiger Alternator Bracket Mock Up
Sunbeam Tiger Alternator Mock Up

Tiger Alternator Bracket

The bracket starts off as a 4"x2" 3/8" aluminum plate that is cut into a shape that allows it to mount to the top 2 bolts of the water pump. This was made off of a cardboard template.

Counter Sink Bolts!

After doing a mock assembly with the pulleys I ran into a problem where the back of the pulley was hitting the bolts. This problem is worse on a Tiger since the water pumps pulley flange is pushed back towards the pump. The longer stainless bolts were picked up at McMaster Carr. I would use the NON-Fully threaded versions if you have a choice.
Tiger Alternator Bracket and Mini Alternator

Bracket Mock Up

Here is a shot of the mock assembly with the pulley. You can see how close the back of the aluminum pulley is to bracket. It all fits, but you must use the counter sunk bolts. Also you can see another issue. It will be hard to get to the thermostat housings lower bolt. On the CSR swivel housing the bolts are allen head and an extra hole in the bracket allows access to the lower bolt.

Alternator Mounted

The tiny alternator just fits between the front of the head and aligns right with the pulleys. It's really tight, but so is everything in the engine compartment of the Tiger. The Adjuster was from a Moroso alternator kit, but could be made a with rod ends and threaded pipe. The lower bolt for the alternator goes right into the front of the head and a suitable spacer will need to be made. BE SURE to mock it all up to see if you can align belts.

Tiger Engine Front View

You can see the general layout of how things fit. Again note the flange of the water pump. Is pushed back to make it all align with the new SFI rated balancer and Dale's aluminum pulleys. I'll also say that due to the larger size of the balancer you must grind the bottom of the water pump to make things all fit. I can't say this enough, MOCK IT UP!
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