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Dart Aluminum 302 TWM Injection
302 Dart Machine Aluminum Block
Dart 302 Aluminum Engine Mock Up
Tiger Engine Front View Water Pump and Alternator
Tiger Water Pump and Alternator
Tiger Oil Filter Bracket for Canton Filter
Alternator Bracket Ford Water Pump
Lokar Dipstick Modified
Lokar Dipstick Modified
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The Tigers Dart Aluminum 302 Engine

Below is the mock up of the Dart 302 Aluminum Block. The injectors are TWM 50mm IDA style. Rocker Arms are the fantastic T&D Macnine 1.6:1 ratio with some nice roller springs. Heads are Total Engine Airflow (TEA) ported Canfields. Canfield is long out of the cylinder head business but these head were on the shelf as a spare set for the Mustang.

The engine will be assembled with a 3.25" stroke crankshaft for a nice 331" motor. Compression provided by Ross forged flat top piston and a nice set of Oliver Billet connecting rods and a SCAT forged crankshaft. Camshaft is a more 'street-able' mechanical roller cam from Competition Cams with stainless valves and T&D machine shaft rockers. The intake manifold and carburetor set up will be a simple Edelbrock Victor Jr. and a DamBest carburetor for the dyno run as I don't yet have the time to set up the fuel injection. The QMP Racing tested Dyno number for this engine came out ot 545hp with a bit over 10:1 pistons. Should do well in the Tiger even if the injection doesn't make it!

Oil pan is from Aramando's Oil Pans and you can check out more of that right here on the Oil Pan Page. Note this pan is similar to the Aviaid pan that is common on the Tiger. Aramondo's used to be a bunch cheeper but they have raised the price a bit, was about 75 bucks less as I recall.
Canton Mecca Oil Filter and Bracket for Sunbeam Tiger

Dart 4 Bolt Main Aluminum Block

This is the bare Dart Machine Aluminum 8.2" Deck Block. Note Splayed main caps, screw in freeze plugs and all that light weight aluminum! It's currently fitted with a mock up crank to see how things will fit.

Aluminum Dart 302 and Injection

This is the Dart Block, Canfield SBF heads and the TWM Weber injection manifold. It's a bit tricky to get the distributor in as the fuel rails must come off. Note the cool looking chrome stamped valve covers. Baffles were removed to fit over the shaft rockers, but still the ends hit the rockers. Double gaskets makes it work. Not sure if they will ultimatly be used but I do like that look.

In the background you can catch a glimpse of a stock 1966 Hertz Shelby GT350 being restored as well as other junk in the background.

Tiger Engine Front Dress

Test fitting the front cover, Edelbrock Victor water pump (with pushed back pump flange) as well as the new mini-alternator and bracket. The Summit racing SFI Balancer also was fitted and the usual water pump grinding ensued.  The extra hole in the alternator bracket is for an Allen wrench to access the bottom thermostat bolt.

Tiger Alternator Adjustment

The Powermaster mini-alternator is TINY. I used parts from a Moroso 63810 Ford Alternator mounting Kit. About all I could use was the tie-rod type of adjuster. The bracket show was slightly modified and a closer shot can be seen below.

Tiger Alternator Bracket

This is the final version of the alternator bracket. It's made of 3/8" 6061-T6 bar stock. Prior versions used standard bolts, but after installing the pulley it was clear that the heads would interfere with the back of the pulley. A simple fix by using some stainless countersuck bolts. This is why you mock things up!

Lokar Dipstick

With the mini-alternator in the way of where I would normally put the dipstick, I had to modify the length of the sticks housing and stick itself. I removed about 1" to make things align around the powermaster alternator.

Lokar Dipstick and O-rings

Lokar dipsticks will come out on a high vibration engine due to the weight of the handle. The 2 small o-rings do not provide enough friction to keep it down.  Adding a pair of O-Rings to the handle helps with the problem. What's interesting is now Lokar offers a locking dipstick and I would say that it's worth the extra $$ for the security. If you have ever had a dipstick pop up at in a car that runs high RPM's it's a mess...

Tiger Oil Filter Mount

The stock Sunbeam Tiger oil filter adapter uses a spin on filter with some very restrictive fitting. Not at all suitable for high RPM or racing engines. I have been using the Canton-Mecca filters on the Mustang and really like them, easy to service and a good synthetic filter. They make a billet mounting bracket and with an extra piece of aluminum I made a replacement for the stock unit. See below for it mounted to the Tiger Engine.
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