You will need a few tools to do this job, most are commonly available and already in your tools box -

Metric Allen Wrench Set
Torx Bit Set
Metric Sockets
Phillips Screwdriver
Stiff Putty Knife
XZN Driver Set (under 30 bucks on Amazon)
and a few other odds and ends,
Porsche Boxster Rear
Tool Cart Ready To Work
Needed Porsche Tools XZN Drivers
GTSparkplugs Header
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Boxster - Mirror Cover
Porsche Boxster - Remove Mirror Cover
Porsche Boxster - Mirror Removal
Porsche Boxster - Hidden Mirror Bolt
Porsche Boxster - Hidden Bolt Removal

The Tool Cart Clean and Loaded

This is the collection of tools I used. I had to scavange a cheep set for the Torx Bits that were used with the ratchet box wrench to get out the door connector. Also you can see the RED screwdriver looking tool, that's the Leslie Plastic Fastener remover. It's a big help. The XZN Bit set is in the Blue Box. See it below.

The XZN Driver Set

It's not a Torx, it's not a hex, it's just something odd that you need to buy to remove the door or work on a few of the parts on the doors. I don't know how much you find the need for these as I have not yet done much more on the Porsche then replace the door.

Start With the Internal Mirror Cover

This plastic piece just pulls straight off the door. It's not under the door panel so it removes prior to anything. You can use the putty knife or something thin to help pry it off, or, just rip it off violently.

It's Off and Not Broken

The part is held into the door with these blue plastic inserts. You can see that One stayed in the door and the other Two came out of the door and are on the cover. The blue parts need to go back into the door before re-assembly. The new door had them all so I just pulled them off the plastic part.

Mirror Removal

Their are THREE bolts that hold the mirror onto the door. They are TORX bit, and the TWO are visible on the right of the panel, the THIRD one id buried under the door seal under a small piece of tape.

Mirror Bolt Exposed

Under this round piece of tape is the Third bolt that holds the mirror on. I guess I could have peeled if but since I'm replacing the door doesn't really matter. This is UNDER the rubber trim.

A Little Stickum Helps

The hidden bolt is deeper inside the door panel and It's almost guaranteed to fall off into the door. Not really a problem since I'm taking it all apart but one thing that is handy is this sticky GUM like GOO that is holding the watershield (wathershed)  to the panel. This is a good way to hold onto the bolt when taking apart and re-assembly (when you really don't want to drop it...)
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Porsche Boxster - Remove Door Panel 1

Next Start to Remove The Door Panel

Start by prying off this small trim piece. It covers up a bolt. You can get it with a small screwdriver (be careful) and it just pops up.