Disassembly Continued

Continue removing anything in your way! This outlines the basic procedure for remove the junk that keeps you from getting to the meat of the project.
Powerstroke Intercooler Pipe Removed
Powerstroke Harness Disconnect
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7.3L Powerstroke Harness
Powerstroke Valve Cover Bracket
Powerstroke Injector and Glow Plug Harness
Powerstroke Valve Cover Removed
Powerstroke Valve Cover Harness

Intercooler Piping Removed

Out of the way. One thing to check is make sure the place where this pipe rubs things is not damaged to the point of leaking. The Power Steering line seems to be doing a number on the pipe. Not to worry, I know that Ford Pump is long gone as I write this!

Engine Harness Disconnect

Looks very clean, better than expected! Now you need to remove the Engine Harness Connector. You must FIRST unscrew the bolt in the back of the connector. Also not the unprotected wires rubbing on the Valve Cover, FIX this by wrapping unprotected wires with electrical tape as a minimum precaution. If you don't, expect fireworks down the road at some point.

Harness Disconnected

You have to give the connector a yank, but be careful as you pull it apart. You may have to squeeze things a bit to make it losen up.

Remove Connector From Bracket

This bracket needs to come off. The Engine side of the connector can be PULLED out a bit off the bracket then pushed through it. This leaves the clean bracket for easy removal. Start removing the valve cover bolts. The rear most bolt is difficult and you might need a combination of swivels, flexible drive, etc to get at it. You will be crawling into the engine bay at this point as it reqires a long reach.

Injector and Glow Plug Wiring Harness

The 7.3L Power Stroke passes the wiring for Injectors and Glow Plugs though the tops of the hard plastic valve cover gasket. You may or may not need to replace this expensive part. Be careful on removing the connector as the clip that holds them tends to fly off. I lost one somewhere (maybe inside the engine).

Valve Cover Removed

Things look spotless inside the engine. You can see all the Power Stroke Injector and Valve Train. It's odd if you have not worked on these before. Keep this area clean and free of small parts that could get lost!

Valve Cover Wiring Harness

It's a good idea to remove the valve cover with the harness at this time. The white single wires are for the glow plugs and are just pushed onto the top of them. You can remove them with a small needle nose.
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Powerstroke Remove Injector Connector

Remove Injector Wiring

To remove the harness from the injectors, you simply flip the clip up and back. This will allow the injector connector to be pulled down and out of the injector. Look at how the wiring is routed so you can re-assemble the same way.