Testing and Final Assembly - Page 6

Ok, before we move any further along we should test to see if everything is working. At this point you should have all control rods from the Door handle and from the manual door lock control attached, door handle secured, door latch secured (not final torque). Do a quick check to make sure all clips and harness wires are back to where they should be.
Ford Power Door Lock Actuator
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Connect Door Lock Switch

Re-connect the door switch (or use the another lock switch on a different door). Now give it a try. The manual lock rod should pop up and down. No stuttering and should have a good strong action. Close the door and try out the door handle and locks to make sure things really lock and unlock. If you pass this test you are on the home stretch. Pull off the lock switch as it needs to be off to install the door panel.
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Testing Locks
Medium Strenght Loctite
Final Torue with Loctite

Final Torque

One at a time for each of the three T-27 Torx bolts in the door latch coat the treads with a little Loctite blue, then tighten. Do it for each bolt. If you don't have any Loctite you might be fine, but better to be safe and like the factory in this instance.

Door Panel Install

If everything checks out (last chance), and your sure you tightened both of the Door Handle nuts (11mm) it's time to re-install the door panel. This is not hard, but takes a bit of finesse. First put back the water shield to its original place. Make sure all the openings are aligned where they should be. Get the door panel and re-attach the courtesy light. This goes in and lock by twisting clockwise. Now place the panel on the door watching where the plastic arms align into the holes in the door. This typically will be above the top of the door frame so it can slip back on. You may have to try a couple of times before you get the motion right, mostly just getting it aligned then dropping it down. It should fit snugly and it should not be floppy or loose. The two screw holes should be aligned. Make sure your wiring harness for the door and window switches are visible and pulled out of the opening in the door panel.

Before screwing in the fasteners make sure the manual lock is sticking out and operating correctly. Also if you had trouble aligning it when you put the door panel on you may have popped the Yellow slide out of the door, if your lock doesn't work smoothly this is what might have happened. If all is good, put in the two 7mm fasteners back into the door panel. One goes near the door pull and the other in the courtesy light area.

Put in the window and lock control panel into the door panel. This is done by putting the wide end with the finger on it in first and snapping down the front. Hopefully you put on both connectors before snapping it in...

Snap in the courtesy light lens
Replace Mirror Access Cover

Reinstall Mirror Access Cover

You know you are done when you slam this cover back on. Place it so the two metal clips are aligned into the door. Then give it a good fist pump on the top and bottom. It should snap into place.

Wrap Up

Although it took 6 Pages to show all that was done, this is a pretty simple job. You can save a bunch of money by doing it yourself. I shutter to think of what the Ford 'Steelership' would charge to do this job. Give that the excursion has 3 more doors and the hatch that are have the power locks I could imagine that this could cost a small fortune if I couldn't do it myself.

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