Remove Wiring and Latch - Page 3

The door lock mechanism has 2 connectors on it, one for the power lock actuator and another for knowing if the door is closed or not.  This is pretty simple and quick. Removing the latch helps get access to the 2 harness connectors.
Ford Power Door Lock Actuator
Harness Fastener
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Harness Connector

Harness Fastener

To make things a bit easier remove the wiring harness fastener. This will need a screwdriver to push the plastic clip through the hole in the lock actuator.

Harness Connectors

The TOP picture shoes the loosened lock assembly (with attached actuator) the 2 harness connectors are visible. The have different types of release clips, both are easy but note they are different. The LOWER LEFT picture shows the lock actuator connector. This connector is removed by lifting away the lock tab. The door latch harness connector has a sideways sliding latch as can be seen in the LOWER RIGHT picture. The black plastic tab is slid away from the tan color block (shown as released and connector pulled out a bit).
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Harness Fastener
Harness Connector - Lock
Torx T-27
Remove Torx Bolts Holding Latch

Remove Latch Bolts

The door latch is held on by three Torx T-27 bolts. Note my Craftsman kit of Torx's Bits didn't have that one and had to make a run to a local auto parts store. Do NOT use a  T-25, while it may look like it will work, it's too loose and will most certainly strip the bolt. Note that factory Ford used Blue Loctite on the threads so it may take some force to remove the bolts.
Exposed Latch Assembly

Exposed Latch and Actuator Assembly

After everything is loose you can pull out the assembly from the door handle hole.The Door Lock Actuator slides on the door latch (gold metal thing). The lock actuator slides onto the latch and locks on. Don't let that rod fall off either. Next step is to remove the actuator.
Harness Connectors