Disneyland - Wendy the Wiper and Peetie the Plug

Still a cool and rainy December, 2011 and it became clear that I needed to take Wendy the Wiper to Disneyland. As odd as it seems Wendy decided that Peetie (her then boyfriend, but that's another story) would be joining us. It's a good thing as Wendy is a bit all over the place and Peetie the Plug seems to give her a calming charge. So off we all go to Disneyland on this nice cool rainy day.

Disneyland at Near Christmas Time

About ready to leave from the old homestead. Wendy and Peetie were just like 2 bugs in a rug. Wendy's OLD boyfriend glares through the windshield at the two love birds.
Wendy and Peetie Downtown Disney

First Stop... Downtown Disney!

Parking being pretty expensive we pulled a fast one. We parked in Downtown Disney and got our parking ticket validated at once of the stores. We all entered the park on the Downtown Disney side of the park and as a double bonus we get to jump on the Disneyland Alweg monorail.

Rainy Day

This was really funny. While we were coming into the park it started raining a bit. Peetie and Wendy were sitting on the side of the monorail and as soon as it started raining she popped up and started wiping the window... FROM THE INSIDE. It was the funniest thing. Sorta like when you scratch a dog and his (or her) leg starts trying to scratch too.
Disneyland Popcorn

Tuckerd Out and Out of Sight!

Both of the kids had a great time at Disneyland. We didn't stay too long since we were cheating on the free parking but we got enough fun stuff in to call it a day. You will note Wendy the Wiper and Peetie the Plug are tucked in tight for the ride home from Anaheim. The part that I noticed was Wendy's old boyfriend trying to catch a peek at the cute couple every time he came around...

Hope you all have enjoyed a day at Disneyland with Wendy the Wiper and Peetie the Plug
Wendy the Wiper and Peetie the Plug at Disneyland
Wendy and Peetie overlooking Nemo

Wendy and Peetie Hugging overlooking the lagoon

While riding on the monorail we passed over the Submarine Voyage ride, oops I mean the Finding Nemo ride they just paused and looked over and pondered how beautiful the lagoon looked. They did mutter something about the filthy sea gulls...
Busting a move on the Matterhorn

Charged with Energy on the Matterhorn

Peetie's a dare devil when it comes to fire, but sorta' a sacred dude when cold snowy adventures are on him. Wendy has seen it all cold, hot, rain, snow no worries here. So we all jumped on the Matterhorn and had a spin though the Swiss Alps. It was a lot of fun and turned for Peetie was a great experience, not so great for Wendy the Wiper...
Wendy the Wiper Bathroom

Wendy the Wiper almost down and out

For some reason the back and forth motion of the Matterhorn cause Wendy to get really queasy, to the point of having to pull the hover over the toilet just in case the pea and corn giblets come gushing out. Fortunately it didn't happen. While trying not to look at Wendy while she was clinging to the porcelain, I focused my eyes on the lovely mosaic tile on the floor. Very cool.
Photo Opertunity

A Kodak Moment

You know this is old! When was the last time you saw a sign at Disneyland with Kodak on it. That aside, it truly was a Kodak moment with Wendy and Peetie.
Food for Thought

Lunch Time!

Instead of the usual Fried Chicken at the Plaza Inn restaurant, we headed over to New Orleans Square for some beef pot roast and smashed potatoes. I tried to convince both Wendy and Peetie that the chicken was not too greasy but all I got was a lot of pushback, something about burning oil and smudges. Not sure what it all meant but seemed ok for a change.
Haunted Mansion and Sandy Claws

The Haunted Mansion at Christmas Time = AWESOME

I love the Haunted Mansion, but at Christmas time it gets transformed into... The Nightmare Before Christmas. The Doombuggies are a lot of fun and all the cool stuff that is normally stashed away the rest of the year come out to play. I think that Wendy and Peetie just wanted to make out so I let them take their own Doombuggy.
Another Photo Bomb

Copy Cat Photo Bomb

When Yuri the Yoke came back from Disneyland a few weeks before, he told both Wendy and Peetie about his photo bomb he did on the Disneyland Christmas tree. Not to be outdone Wendy and Peetie pulled the same prank. It's still funny.

Junk Food Time

The day was getting on, time for a bit of junk food. Some delicious Disneyland popcorn. I could not convince either of the kids to have a Churro or a Chimichanga. No big deal as the popcorn is always good.
Disneyland Popcorn
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